Jul 30, 2008

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10 Bad Habits die Hard but lets try Changing ourself in Office !!



                In the office, however, some habits can go beyond annoying your co-workers; they can damage your career. For the sake of your career and your co-workers' sanity, here's a list of bad work habits that can harm your career and how you can break them. If you're guilty of one (or more), it's time to get them under control.  

1. Bad Habit: Missing deadlines.
What you think:
"If it's only a little late, it doesn't mean anything."
What it really says:
Your colleagues and boss can't count on you.  
What to do:
Don't view deadlines as negotiable. Remind yourself that people are counting on you to do your job well, which includes completing tasks on time. Even if you just barely missed the deadline and everything turned out OK, you probably caused your teammates a lot of anxiety and extra work, which they won't forget.

2. Bad Habit: Dressing unprofessionally.
What you think:
"I'm the office free spirit with a quirky sense of style!"
What it really says:
You don't take the job seriously.
What to do:
You don't have to be a boring dresser to be professional, but you shouldn't look like you're about to go clubbing or strutting down a runway. Take a cue from your co-workers to see what's considered acceptable in the office.

3. Bad Habit: Not being punctual.
What you think:
"As long as I get all my work in, nobody cares."
What it really says:
You think your time is more important than everybody else's.
What to do:
Stick to the schedule. Everyone in your office would like to sleep in a little or leave early, but they don't because people rely on them to be on time.

4. Bad Habit: Checking your e-mail, playing games, shopping.
What you think:
"I'm discreet."
What it really says:
 You're not doing your job.
What to do:
Keep the fun stuff to a minimum. Most employers don't mind if you check your e-mail every once in awhile or read your favorite blog for a few minutes in the morning. They begin to care when you minimize that game of Scrabulous every time they walk by your desk. You're being paid to work, not play.

5. Bad Habit: Gossiping.
What you think:
"I'm just saying what I heard."
What it really says:
You can't be trusted.
What to do:
Sure, everybody gossips a little here and there, but it shouldn't be your livelihood. Eventually you'll gain a reputation for not keeping anything confidential –whether it's a personal matter or work-related. Plus, your chattering could end up hurting somebody's feelings or reputation.

6. Bad Habit: Being negative.
What you think:
"Everybody complains."
What it really says:
You're the person to avoid.
What to do:
It's natural to grumble about work once in awhile. If you gripe and moan when you're asked to do anything, however, people will not only get annoyed, they'll wonder why you don't just quit. Keep in mind that work isn't always fun; keep the complaints to a minimum.

7. Bad Habit:
Trying to be everybody's best friend.
What you think:
"I'm just sociable."
What it really says:
You don't know how to set boundaries.
What to do:
It's not uncommon for friendships to develop at work, but don't expect it to happen with everybody. Unless you have reason to do otherwise, treat your superiors, colleagues and subordinates like professionals, not like drinking buddies.

8. Bad Habit: Burning bridges.
What you think:
"I'll never see them again."
What it really says:
You're not a professional who thinks about the future.
What to do:
As much as you dream of telling off your boss or co-workers after you've handed in your resignation, restrain yourself. People change jobs, companies merge – someone you dissed in the past may end up being your boss down the road.

9. Bad Habit: Always being the funny one.
What you think:
"People love me."
What it really says:
You're really annoying.
What to do:
There's nothing wrong with being funny – most people do like a good sense of humor. Just remember that not everybody wants to hear your sarcastic quips and "Godfather" impersonations every five minutes.

10. Bad Habit: Forgetting you have neighbors.
What you think:
"I'm not as annoying as they are."
What it really says:
You're inconsiderate.
What to do:
Do unto your co-workers as you'd want them to do unto you. Your hour-long conference call on speakerphone is just as irksome to your cube mates as theirs are to you.




Jul 29, 2008

Top 100 Cities of the World - ranked by population

NOTE: Numbers shown include population within the
recognized metro area of the city, and they include

People living in the immediate surrounding area
outside of the established border of the city. They Might Be Old as well.

1. Tokyo, Japan - 28,025,000

2. Mexico City, Mexico - 18,131,000
3. Mumbai, India - 18,042,000
4. Sáo Paulo, Brazil - 17, 711,000
5. New York City, USA - 16,626,000

6. Shanghai, China - 14,173,000
7. Lagos, Nigeria - 13,488,000
8. Los Angeles, USA - 13,129,000
9. Calcutta, India - 12,900,000

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina - 12,431,000

11. Seóul, South Korea - 12,215,000
12. Beijing, China - 12,033,000
13. Karachi, Pakistan - 11,774,000

14. Delhi, India - 11,680,000
15. Dhaka, Bangladesh - 10,979,000
16. Manila, Philippines - 10,818,000
17. Cairo, Egypt - 10,772,000

18. Õsaka, Japan - 10,609,000
19. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 10,556,000
20. Tianjin, China - 10,239,000

21. Jakarta, Indonesia - 9,815,000

22. Paris, France - 9,638,000
23. Istanbul, Turkey - 9,413,000
24. Moscow, Russian Fed. - 9,299,000
25. London, United Kingdom - 7,640,000

26. Lima, Peru - 7,443,000
27. Tehrãn, Iran - 7,380,000
28. Bangkok, Thailand - 7,221,000
29. Chicago, USA - 6,945,000

30. Bogotá, Colombia - 6,834,000

31. Hyderabad, India - 6,833,000
32. Chennai, India - 6,639,000
33. Essen, Germany - 6,559,000

34. Hangzhou, China - 6,389,000
35. Hong Kong, China - 6,097,000
36. Lahore, Pakistan - 6,030,000
37. Shenyang, China - 5,681,000

38. Changchun, China - 5,566,000
39. Bangalore, India - 5,544,000
40. Harbin, China - 5,475,000

41. Chengdu, China - 5,293,000

42. Santiago, Chile - 5,261,000
43. Guangzhou, China - 5,162,000
44. St. Petersburg, Russian Fed. - 5,132,000
45. Kinshasa, DRC - 5,068,000

46. Baghdãd, Iraq - 4,796,000
47. Jinan, China - 4,789,000
48. Wuhan, China - 4,750,000
49. Toronto, Canada - 4,657,000

50. Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) - 4,458,000

51. Alger, Algeria - 4,447,000
52. Philadelphia, USA - 4,398,000
53.. Qingdao, China - 4,376,000

54. Milano, Italy - 4,251,000
55. Pusan, South Korea - 4,239,000
56. Belo Horizonte, Brazil - 4,160,000
57. Almadabad, India - 4,154,000

58. Madrid, Spain - 4,072,000
59. San Francisco, USA - 4,051,000
60. Alexandria, Egypt - 3,995,000

61. Washington DC, USA - 3,927,000

62. Houston, USA - 3,918,000
63. Dallas, USA - 3,912,000
64. Guadalajara, Mexico - 3,908,000
65. Chongging, China - 3,896,000

66. Medellin, Colombia - 3,831,000
67. Detroit, USA - 3,785,000
68. Handan, China - 3,763,000
69. Frankfurt, Germany - 3,700,000

70. Porto Alegre, Brazil - 3,699,000

71. Hanoi, Vietnam - 3,678,000
72. Sydney, Australia - 3,665,000
73. Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. - 3,601,000

74. Singapore, Singapore - 3,587,000
75. Casablanca, Morocco - 3,535,000
76. Katowice, Poland - 3,488,000
77. Pune, India - 3,485,000

78. Bangdung, Indonesia - 3,420,000
79. Monterrey, Mexico - 3,416,000
80. Montréal, Canada - 3,401,000

81. Nagoya, Japan - 3,377,000

82. Nanjing, China - 3,375,000
83. Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire - 3,359,000
84. Xi'an, China - 3,352,000
85. Berlin, Germany - 3,337,000

86. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 3,328,000
87. Recife, Brazil - 3,307,000
88. Dusseldorf, Germany - 3,251,000
89. Ankara, Turkey - 3,190,000

90. Melbourne, Australia - 3,188,000

91. Salvador, Brazil - 3,180,000
92. Dalian, China - 3,153,000
93. Caracas, Venezuela - 3,153,000

94. Adis Abeba, Ethiopia - 3,112,000
95. Athina, Greece - 3,103,000
96. Cape Town, South Africa - 3,092,000
97. Koln, Germany - 3.067,000

98. Maputo, Mozambique - 3,017,000
99. Napoli, Italy - 3,012,000
100. Fortaleza, Brazil - 3,007,000

Ash Mix Pictures

Mens DIARY V/S Ladies DIARY.


Day night, I thought he was acting

weird. We had made

plans to meet at a

cafe to have some coffee. I was

shopping with my friends
all day long, soI

thought he was upset at the fact that I

a bit


but he made no

comment.Conversation wasn't flowing so

I suggested that

we go somewhere

quiet so we could talk, he agreed but

he kept quiet and



him what was wrong - he


"Nothing."I asked him if

it was my fault

that he was upset. He said it


nothing to do with me

and not to worry.

On the way home I told him that I

him, he simply

smiled and kept

driving. I can't explain his

behavior; I don't know

why he didn't say,

"I love u,too."When we got home I felt

as if I had lost

him, as if he

wanted nothing to do with me anymore.

He just sat

there and watched TV.;

he seemed distant and absent.Finally I

decided to go to

bed. About 10

minutes later he came to bed. I decided

that I could not

take it anymore,

so I decided to confront him with the

situation but he

had fallen asleep.I

started crying and cried until I too

fell asleep. I

don't know what to

do. I'm almost sure that his thoughts

are with someone

else. My life is a



Today India lost the cricket match

against bangladesh.



NOW that's called

Simplicity of Men


of Women !!!

Balance Sheet Of Life

Our Birth is our Opening Balance !

Our Death is our Closing Balance!
Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities

Our Creative Ideas are our Assets

Heart is our Current Asset

Soul is our Fixed Asset

Brain is our Fixed Deposit

Thinking is our Current Account

Achievements are our Capital

Character & Morals, our Stock-in-Trade

Friends are our General Reserves

Values & Behaviour are our Goodwill

Patience is our Interest Earned

Love is our Dividend

Children are our Bonus Issues

Education is Brands / Patents

Knowledge is our Investment

Experience is our Premium Account

The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately.

The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award.

Some very Good and Very bad things

The most destructive habit....... ......... ......Worry

The greatest Joy......... ......... ......... ....Giving

The greatest loss........ ........Loss of self-respect

The most satisfying work........ .......Helping others

The ugliest personality trait....... ......Selfishnes s

The most endangered species..... ....Dedicated leaders

Our greatest natural resource.... ......... ..Our youth

The greatest "shot in the arm"........ ..Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome.... ......... ....Fear

The most effective sleeping pill........ Peace of mind

The most crippling failure disease..... .......Excuses

The most powerful force in life........ ......... .Love

The most dangerous pariah...... ......... ...A gossiper

The world's most incredible computer.... ....The brain

The worst thing to be without..... ......... ..... Hope

The deadliest weapon...... ......... ........The tongue

The two most power-filled words....... ........" I Can"

The greatest asset....... ......... ......... .....Faith

The most worthless emotion..... ......... ....Self- pity

The most beautiful attire...... ......... .......SMILE!

The most prized possession.. ......... .....Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication. ....Prayer

The most contagious spirit...... ......... ..Enthusiasm

The most important thing in life........ ......... .GOD

Mumbai Pictures

Beautiful New Zealand