Sep 29, 2008

Google's GPhone pictures


Confirmed - G1 Phone is $179

Open handset alliance - devices, apps, and new services allow folks to embrace the mobile Internet.

great touch screen, you can swipe, can frame and rop a photo to homescreen (just like the iPhone!). Drag and drop, baby.

Street view and google maps look great.

Compass mode - scene moves as you move around.

Music player. With one "long press you can go deeper into what you are really interested in." I like the sound of that.

Slide out keyboard. Google Talk, Google Maps with
directions and traffic view, street view with landmarks (again, just
like the Phone). But this is cool: compass mode in Street view, the
scene moves as you do.

UI is pretty darn nice. It's what Symbian should be at this point in the game.

Android Market - download games and apps

Dedicated search button on keyboard. Ooh, yeah,
that's like the equivalent of bundling MSFT IE or Office on the
desktop. Watch out, Redmond.

Olympic Logos

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